We are guna

A roots, trailer park, hipster, trashy

bike bells brand

And this is our collection

Lemon Jelly
( € 17.70 )

Doily Tile
( € 17.70 )

( € 17.70 )

Wind Arcana
( € 17.70 )

Water Arcana
( € 17.70 )

Rising Sun
( € 17.70 )

Unsmokable grass
( € 17.70 )

( € 17.70 )

Micro Algae
( € 17.70 )

( € 17.70 )

available now
at the most beautiful bike shops in the world

Bike Pop

Largo do Intendente, 21, Lisbon PT

shop | site | facebook



Rua da Bica do Sapato, 50B, Lisbon PT

site/shop | facebook

Velo Corvo

Rua José Lins de Rego, 6a 1700-264 Lisboa

site | shop | facebook


BK Lisboa

Rua Morais Soares, 35C, Lisbon PT

site | facebook | instagram

Roda Gira

Rua da Misericórdia, 14 — Espaço Chiado Lj. 37, Lisbon PT

site/shop | facebook

monkey security logo

Monkey Security


Rua de Arroios, 4, Lisbon PT


shop | site | facebook



Avenia 24 de Julho, 86B

site | facebook

Would you like to have some gunas at your shop? Get in contact via mail@guna.pt

But what is Guna?

Created in Lisbon, Portugal, Guna is the brainchild of Liliana and Alexandre.

Imagine you’re riding a bike going downhill in a Lisbon road while trying to avoid the tram tracks and at the same time paying attention to a taxi driver shouting something obscene to the Uber car just behind you. If you can imagine that feeling of excitement then you can probably figure out what this brand is about.

Guna (which in English means goon) exists in this crazy gentrified city context, of fancy beards, secret bars, tuk tuks cars, that great new icecream place that opened just around the corner and the upcoming building eviction that will send us all to hell.

And just like the most vibrant flowers are the result of the finest manure, we take all the the ingredients that the city has to offer to create the most vibrant bells.

In all seriousness, we’ve put quite a bit of ourselves into this and this it’s just the beginning of a long journey. Hope you’ll like them.

By the way if you want to contact us just send us an email to mail@guna.pt.

We would love to hear from you.